Saturday, November 3, 2012

2.0.0 Takeoff

With 5 months since the last release, this version brings little changes to the user, but an extensive list of improvements under the hood.

Most importantly, the code is much more readable, it uses better programming techniques, and, as a side effect, Mundus is much more stable then ever before.

The biggest change is a complete rewrite of the modules API. With this change, every bit of the code that needed to retrieve some information was greatly simplified. Modules are now stored as structured JSON files, so editing, or loading them at runtime is trivial.

The module editor was moved outside of Mundus into a separate app called mundus-creator. It is now easier to use with a much better interface.

No new modules where introduced in this release, but I promise the next version will bring a very big surprise!

Simplified changelog:
  • Completely rewritten the modules API 
  • Modules are now represented as JSON files 
  • Lot of code refactoring and improvements 
  • Support reporting of cleans metrics 
  • Outdated icons are now detected and automatically updated