Monday, December 3, 2012

2.2.0 is out!

Here we go again! News for this version are quite interesting.

First of all, in the previous release, new users had to download ~100 files sequentially. Now, they are downloaded up to 20 in parallel. This means that when rebuilding the module index, you will just have to wait a second or two, not around 30!

Additionally, each module is verified using a hash. So, if a module is corrupted because of a bug in the download code, a hard drive error, or a download error, Mundus will skip it when loading and provide a warning to the user. This sets the ground work to cryptographically validate the index and create a chain of trust. This way, it won't be possible to tamper with the index without the user being warned.

Other news include the new translation to the Spanish language, usage in offline mode, and a lot of other bug fixes.

Ohh! I forgot. You can now browse the index online here! And, as promised, you can also view stats about each module (You can find the Stats link at the bottom of each module page in the link above). That webpage is updated instantly when an updated is pushed, and stats are updated every 24 hours.

More information about this features is available in the documentation (or will be, shortly).

The full changelog:
  • Index modules can now be downloaded in parallel. Rebuilds take seconds!
  • Updated the index structure.
  • Implement a module validation feature. If a module is corrupted, it won't be loaded.
  • Updated a lot of lazy strings.
  • Finished the Spanish translation.
  • Fix usage of the index in offline mode.
  • Fix the "Restore to defaults" button in the Settings form.
  • Big update to the documentation.

Enjoy! And please let me know your comments.

P.S: The PPA packages have a missing dependency, they will work, but icons won't show up correctly. Due to a Lauchpad backlog, new builds will take a few hours to be published. If you are too impatient, just install the gambas3-gb-form-sock package! I'm really sorry about that.