Tuesday, February 28, 2012

0.0.7 Released

 Today the version 0.0.7 was released. After introducing the /etc cleaner, a lot of work has been put into stabilizing Mundus when it's run as root, and to make it as safe as possible. This version will be followed by another beta release to fix the bugs encountered in this one. It will be the last of this series, conforming a final stable release.

The changes are as follow:
  •  Fixed several bugs with the settings form and saving
  •  Added support for the /etc directory
  •  Fixed some bugs with the backup algorithm
  •  Fixed an error with the gconf binary name
  •  Allow the user to select a default filter to be used when opening Mundus

Sunday, February 26, 2012

/etc cleaner

Just today I pushed a new feature that allows the user to clean the /etc directory. Due to this new feature, I decided to make at least one new Beta release before a Stable one, meaning that 1.0 won't be ready for next week.

The feature is integrated into the already existing modules system, the only change that needs to be done if a module should aknowledge an /etc file/folder is to add the following line:
Public Etc As String[] = ["/libreoffice"]
being root the /etc directory.

Right now, it can only list existent directories, it cannot backup or clean them. This features will be implemented  on the following days.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Launchpad PPA finally created

After a lot of struggling with the "debianization" of Mundus, I was finally able to upload a working package into launchpad.
Located at ppa:sebikul/mundus-beta, you will finally be able to install Mundus in just a few clicks.

Notice: As i'm still learning how to use this system, the package may fail to install. If you encounter any error, please fill a bug so I can get it fixed.

Friday, February 24, 2012

0.0.6 Released

Following the 0.0.5 release which introduced the voting system, some gconf directories and improved the backup algorithm, the 0.0.6 release is the last of this series, moving towards a stable release.

In this version, 8 modules where added, totaling 55 supported applications, and a few where updated to fix bugs and add new directories. A new message was also introduced at start-up to warn the user about the damage that Mundus can do if misused.

If everything goes OK, the 1.0 release should be ready for late next week.

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

0.0.4 Released

Included in this release are the following changes:

  •  Updated modules API
  •  Added 11 new modules
  •  Updated GUI
  •  Fixed a bug with size calculation algorithm
  •  Updated cleaning algorithm when cleaning files
  •  Made the size more human readable
  •  Added basic hooks support

A work in a voting system has also been started.