Monday, May 7, 2012

Mundus 1.4.0 is here!

Mundus 1.4.0 has arrived! This release mainly focuses at fixing annoying bugs and reducing the executable size. Two big changes where introduced.

First, the app icons where moved online. This means that they don't need to be included on the executable, and that updates can be delivered without an upgrade. Second, a metrics class was introduced, so I can know how users are using Mundus, and what should I improve. The information it uploads is completely anonymous, and can't be used in any way to identify an user. It is optional, and turned off by default. In this release it is only executed at start-up once, so i can test it's functionality.

As "not so important features", a start-up form, only shown when after an upgrade,  now replaces all the warnings that where previously shown when Mundus was Executed. It also allows the user to set some basic settings to start using Mundus. First, it allows the user to clear the cache or rebuild it (i.e. fetch all icons at once) and to enable or disable Software Metrics. Also, Mundus can now detect if an app is running, and stop the cleaning process to avoid damage or unsafe behavior

The full changelog:
  • Added 5 modules 
  • Don't clean if the app is running 
  • Fetch app icons from the internet instead of including them in the executable 
  • Allow the user to delete external modules 
  • Added a metrics module to collect some anonymous data (more info on the docs
  • A start-up form replaced some warning messages and allows the user to change important settings when running new versions (shown only when a new version is run) 
  • Fixed a bug causing backups with wrong file names 
  • Implemented the save as function on the backups form.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How app icons moved online

Since the very first release of Mundus, almost every module included an icon that was shown to the user on the main interface, and on the supported applications form. Over time, more and more modules where added, reaching a total of 98 supported apps on the last commit, and 92 images that needed to be distributed. Although the size of each image is insignificant (~10 KB), the total size of them reached 1.2 MB, and they needed to be included on every build. As a result of this change, the size of the Mundus binary was reduced from ~1.7 MB to ~540 KB, almost 1/3 of the original size.

As of today, these images will be hosted  online, and fetched only when needed. A local cache will contain the downloaded images, and on every new version that is executed, or at per-user request, the cache will be cleared.